Daniel & Associates, Inc.provides software and calculational support to electric power utilities, architect engineering firms and other companies in the nuclear industry who have need for our specialized skills. Our primary area of expertise is nuclear safety analysis and development of source terms for radiological assessment of dose to personnel or equipment. We have experience in both high- and low-energy radioactive sources. We are also experienced in liquid-metal and light water reactor technologies.
We have upgraded our software suite to handle the new generation of mixed-oxide fuels, and are now able to compute reactor core inventories for the next generation of nuclear fuels, as well as burnup-dependent inventories for standard uranium-oxide fuels. Using the latest cross-section ibraries from ORNL, which have been verified by destructive laboratory analysis of fuel assemblies, we offer source term generation for both BWR and LWR reactors using the actual power history of the core. We have developed techniques to identify the most probable chemical form of radioactive materials, using an empirical database of thermodynamic/chemical compounds. Obviously, some knowledge of available chemical elements and materials is required for this feature. This powerful addition to our analytical base allows development of protocols for sampling/decontamination of radioactive process streams.
Daniel & Associates, Inc. has combined a creative and aggressive team of experienced professionals, a responsive and conscientious managerial staff and the resources of a well-diversified corporate structure to offer a broad range of engineering and technical consulting services to environmental, industrial, governmental and energy-related clients nationwide. Our comprehensive services are designed to respond to our client`s needs first, providing quality solutions to today`s most demanding technical challenges. The ability to identify, understand and then focus the appropriate resources for solving a client`s problem is the trademark of our success.
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